About Janet Janowiak

Janet Janowiak, Online Marketing Virtual AssistantWhile managing three construction industry businesses at the same time, I would often daydream about going off on my own to provide administrative support to other business owners and entrepreneurs virtually. After all, with more than 30 years experience in the administrative support field in positions with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance and Johnson Controls, I had the skills to provide a varied array of skills to many different business types.

In 2007, I decided to jump into the world of Virtual Assistance. Even though I began my virtual work with bookkeeping, I began to gravitate toward online marketing. The whole world of processes, procedures, as well as strategies and tactics, felt very comfortable for me and came easily. I joined some Virtual Assistant Communities and attended a VA conference where I won a scholarship to the Virtual Assistants Training Program.

Since that initial program, I have taken a multitude of online marketing courses, webinars and training programs. Most of this education related to email and social media marketing, as well as blogging and websites. Each program provided me with valuable best practices, strategies and tactics that I am able to implement for my clients to improve their businesses. I continue to take different educational programs because I consider myself to be a life-long learner with an intuitive knack for learning new software and programs.Online marketing by Janet Janowiak

Along with my team of associates, eZone Virtual Services supports clients with email marketing, social media marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Houzz, Youtube and Twitter and website maintenance/support and blogging by building a digital footprint to fill their lead funnel, sales pipelines and bank accounts. This career fits perfectly with my personality and passion for supporting others.

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