Design Websites To Make Both Google And Visitors Happy

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Website Strategy – Visual Appeal

On the opposite end of the scale from coding and Google functionality, (the behind the scenes elements of your website), you’ll have actual, visual design and appeal to consider for your website visitors.

Whatever you do, don’t let anyone talk you into a fancy Flash home page:  It will not be indexed by Google and studies have repeatedly shown that compulsory Flash introductions annoy most people into flipping back out of the sites that have them.

Google itself recommends that you focus on “indexable, searchable text”.

This means creating text anchors for all your graphics (and you can easily do this in both and static HTML sites).  And make sure all links have anchor text, too.  (A link being anything within the tags that takes people out of your site.)

What is a text anchor?  Basically, a description for any graphic you provide on your site.  It’s what your viewer would see, should the graphic itself fail to display:  And it’s what Google bots index, when they are looking to see what your graphic is.

In other words, always fill in the “ALT” tag description!


Alt Tag Example