Free Blogging Sites Don’t Help Your Search Engine Optimization

Using the Free Blogging Sites? You’re Not Helping your Internet Presence!

Yes, it is good to blog – blogging spreads your marketing message and is an important part of your Internet marketing plan.  But, why not have this marketing tool reside on your own website rather than a free blogging site and reap the benefits of more indexed pages? It will help your search engine optimization efforts and improve your Internet presence over all.  Here’s why and how:free blogging sites

“But, I have links to my blog right on my website. Isn’t this a good thing?”

Yes, it is good to link to your free blog posts to your website but this is just like linking back to someone else’s website. If you use this method, make sure that you do not use the “no follow” meta tag. And, if you don’t use the no follow tag, make sure that your blog posts are optimized and of exceptional quality.

I blog often and get a lot of traffic. What’s the problem?

Each of those posts that you have on your or site is a web page. If you have 100 posts on the free blogging platform, why not use them to increase the page size of your own website? The search engines will see this as a more “meaty”, informative site and it can help to improve your search rankings by providing more context to your site.

Remember, the traffic your posts are receiving may not really be doing you any good unless you are using awesome calls-to-action by leading them back to your website and causing them to take further action there. When someone reads one of your blog posts, the navigation on your website is missing. You have to lead them by the nose to where you want your visitors to go.

“Ok, I see the difference between having one website with a blog and having two separate sites. What can I do?”

The best way to improve your search engine optimization, benefit from driven traffic and utilize existing content is to use a self-hosted WordPress website. Your existing website can be recreated on your existing url using the open source (free) WordPress content management system. The process is:

  • Download and install into a new folder (subdomain) the CMS software from (Notice the difference between the aforementioned and
  • Install either a free theme and tweak it to make your branding or a purchased theme like Headway for more robust adjustments.
  • Load your static content from your existing website.
  • Use the built-in “Import” tool in the WordPress CMS to move all your existing blog posts over to your new website.

Viola! You now have a static website with tons more content and everything is indexed under the same web address by the search engines. If you don’t feel comfortable making the switch to a self-hosted WordPress site, we can help. See our portfolio and website services page.