Improve Internet Marketing by Understanding These Terms

Internet Marketing Terms to KnowInternet Marketing Dictionary – Part 1

In speaking with potential clients, I often discover that they are not familiar with some of the Internet marketing terms that I use.  Of course, I always attempt to speak to clients using words that they will understand or by explaining myself very clearly.  Afterall, people not familiar with my field would have no reason to know everything I speak of – that is why they are contacting me.

Below is a list of some common Internet Marketing terms and their meaning:

  • Internet Marketing:  Efforts of driving sales to your business by advertising or marketing on the Internet.  This can include a website, blog site, Facebook Page, banner ads or paid advertising on a search engine.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization:  The process of making strategic changes (optimization) to your website so that your website is offered as an option when someone searches for things on the Internet that you are attempting to target.
  • Search Engine:  A program that searches for words, documents, websites on the Internet. You know them as Google, Yahoo!, Bing or maybe Dogpile. There are general search engines as well as search engines for specific topics such as real estate, business and news.
  • SERP: An acronym for Search Engine Results Page. Everytime you search the Internet for something, the page that is displayed after you hit the enter button is called a SERP – it shows the results of your search.

This list is by no means exhaustive and I will be expanding on each term here as well as posting more definitions in future blog posts.  Is there a term that you would like me to define and explain further?  Please let me know in the comments here!