Improve Internet Visibility by Claiming Local Profiles

Gain Internet Visibility by Claiming Local Profiles and Public Review Listings

There is a very easy way to gain more visibility on the Internet for your business by  claiming and optimizing your local business listings on the search engines.  This free tool is available for both brick and mortar business as well as online businesses on each of the search engines, various business indexing sites, (such as and public review sites, ( You may think that since your business shows up on these websites when you search for your business type or name, that your bases are covered. But if you haven’t claimed, optimized and verified these free listings, you are not leveraging this Internet visibility in the best manner.

There are numerous ways that businesses get listed on any of these sites without the business owner’s knowledge – someone creates the listing because they want to check in on, the search engine spiders add it automatically while performing their usual scans of your website, someone posts a review of your restaurant or service business on, people add it while checking in on Facebook Places.

Unfortunately, allowing smart phone users and search engine spiders to create these listings can cause confusion by listing your business name, phone number or address incorrectly. Clear up any confusion that may be caused by claiming and verifying your business listing. You are able to combine or remove any incorrect listings once verified.

Google Places for Business

Other advantages of taking the time to be sure your listings are verified are:

  • Controlling the description, keywords and other pertinent information for your business.
  • Free ad or offer on Google Places for Business that you manage;
  • Gain reviews for your business;
  • Customer service transparency by addressing issues publicly;
  • More back-links to your website.

These local listing sites allow you to upload images so be sure to include your logo, a head-shot of the owner and other interesting shots. Think about how popular smart phones are. According to a post on

  • 74% of people have made a purchase based on a smartphone search
  • 95% use their smartphone to find local businesses, deals and information
  • 71% search on their phones because of an advertisement that was seen online, on T.V. or elsewhere
  • 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads
  • 49% make a purchase based on a mobile ad
  • 90% of mobile searches result in an action

Be sure to take advantage of this free search engine optimization technique for your business. Need help claiming your local profiles? Have eZone Virtual Services claim and optimize them for you!