It’s Called “Social” Media For A Reason

Yesterday, I was checking Facebook on my phone while waiting for our Mexican dinner to arrive at the table. Mike and I were at Mi Patron – our favorite restaurant here in Summersville. (I know – no cell phones at the table, but Mike was checking his messages from the day.) The White House had […]

Business Lesson Learned Whitewater Rafting

Last week, my husband and I went whitewater rafting on the New River with some friends and I was surprised to come away from it with a business lesson.  The lesson is: No matter the personality, culture, age or experience of your team, a good leader is able to mold the team to reach a […]

How To Get The New Gmail Layout and Functionality

Google announced last week that they are gradually rolling out a new inbox layout of Gmail. What they’ve done is added tabs to the top of the window. One for Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. As the emails come into your inbox, Gmail now attempts to put them into the proper category so that […]

Basic Search Engine Optimization Technique For Blogs

We love to optimize websites for search engines! Sometimes, my associates and I perform our search engine opitimization techniques for people that are still blogging on one of the free blogging services, like or  Back in February, I wrote a post about how this may be counterproductive to your search engine optimization results.  […]

Your Website Is Not A “Field Of Dreams”

Recently, I sat down with a potential client that is considering redesigning and recreating his website.  Together, we wanted to see what other Landscape Designers are doing with their sites so that we could make a list of specific likes and dislikes in order to begin planning his website. This was quite the eye-opening experience […]