“SEO Will Be Dead In 2 Years.” What?

SEO Marketing Tactic or Truth?

I just finished reading a press release by an SEO firm out of San Diego that I found disturbing. I’m thinking this is a “shock & awe” type of marketing campaign where the press release, “. . . Google’s Penguin Algorithm Means Big Changes in SEO Techniques for Business Websites“, is attempting to leveragecontroversy.

Google killing SEOA quote in the release says that “As business owners implement their 2013 marketing plans, they should bear in mind that SEO is not as important as it used to be.” This, in fact, is a statement that can be challenged. Search engine optimization rules will always be a factor in getting your website found on the Internet. Without rules, we have chaos! Granted – the rules are changing and more emphasis is being placed on the value of your content but if the basic elements of SEO are not present on your site – you can forget about ranking in the search engines!

The press release also quotes from a recent Forbes article that I find controversial: “leading SEO consultant Adam Torkildson proclaims, “Google is in the process of making the SEO industry obsolete, SEO will be dead in two years.” No, I didn’t follow through and read the Forbes article because I believe this quote was only included in the press release to add to the “shock & awe” value. I guess this SEO firm’s press release was a success because it did at least provoke me to write about it!

My take-aways are two-fold:

  1. Search engine optimization will never die. There will always be some sort of rules to follow.
  2. Leveraging controversy in your marketing plan is not always a bad idea.

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  1. SEO is certainly not dead! SEO is still important and as said content is becoming ever more important. SEO is something that is always going to change but for now a lot of focus should be placed on creating quality content.

    1. Janet Janowiak says:

      Thanks for agreeing with me, Eilidh! I’m wondering how many people out there are beginning to just ignore SEO rules altogether. It could be tragic for them.

  2. Manish Kumar says:

    Sure SEO will never die. Every business need’s a platform to get visible in online arena. SEO doing the same by efficiency and mannered way. Only tactics will change in future.

    1. Janet Janowiak says:

      I’m curious to see how much the tactics will change – and how fast. Do you have any predictions on this Manish?

      1. Manish Kumar says:

        Hi Janet,

        Thanks for your reply. First of all Sorry for the late reply. As per regarding tactics lot’s of changes you can see already taking place like Google updates. Nowadays website development phase also included in part of SEO. Each and every SEO person having ideas and tactics to reduce bounce rate and generate more leads by doing some tactical changes in development phase. So these are the key to get success in this arena.

        1. Janet Janowiak says:

          I agree 100%, Manish. We have already made a number of changes to the ways that we develop websites. The SEO is always built in from the start based on extensive research of what is necessary to make the new website successful right from the start. And, we don’t stop after the site goes live – we follow the monitor, report, tweak frame of mind in order to keep up with the ever-changing world of the Internet and search engine algorithms.

          1. Manish Kumar says:

            True words Janet.

  3. SEO will never die as long as customers want front page results. the internet search game changes all the time.

    SEO requirements will always change so SEO can not and will not die

    1. Janet Janowiak says:

      Very well said, Glen. I’m glad to see that I am not the only one that thinks this way.