Social Media Marketing Setup

Social Media Marketing Account Set Up

Social Networking Services offeredWe all know how important social networking is today and what’s great about it is – with the proper know-how, you can set up your own keyword optimized and branded accounts. But, let’s face it, you can’t know everything and your time is probably better spent on your businesses revenue-generating tasks. This is where eZone Virtual Services can help by setting up your social networking accounts for you!

We will do the research for you to determine the best way to integrate social networking into your marketing plan by determining which platform will best fit your marketing goals. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another social networking site – we can create a presence and a plan for you!

We can set up social networking profiles for your business that are branded and keyword optimized to get your business found on such platforms as:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Account
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • and more.

Social Media Profile Optimization Services  $ 395.00 and up (for up to 4 profiles)

Facebook Business Page.

  1. Custom branded profile image
  2. Custom branded cover image
  3. Custom designed Facebook Tab to drive traffic to your website or Lead Magnet, gain more leads with opt-in forms or advertise your services. The list of functionality with these custom designed Facebook Page tabs is endless and will add value to your social networking efforts.
  4. Feed set up so your published blog posts are automatically fed to your Facebook Business Page
  5. Installation of Social Sharing buttons in your blog/ website and Social Media Connection buttons to make it easy for your clients or customers to connect with you (if not already on there)

Twitter Profile.

  1. Branded and keyword optimized Twitter profile page with a custom background;
  2. Custom branded cover image;
  3. Following your first 50 value-add accounts and/or potential prospects;
  4. Installation of your “Follow Me On Twitter” button to make it easy for your clients or customers to connect with you;

Let us set up the perfect personal or company profile for you on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Profile includes:

  1. Keyword optimized profile with links back to your website and/or blog;
  2. LinkedIn Company Page optimized;
  3. Company overview to tell your business story;
  4. Optimized products/services tab to explain your services;
  5. Profile website links optimized to connect to the website and up to 2 lead magnets.

Custom YouTube Channel includes:

  1. Optimize channel for your business or brand;
  2. Customize the background image and color scheme to match your branding;
  3. Adding keywords and all of your video content to your new channel;
  4. Connection with your online profiles.

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