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8 Benefits of Using Email Marketing Program to Grow Your Business

If you use email as a method to contact your potential clients, leads or referral partners here are 8 reasons you should sign up for an account with one of the email marketing programs such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.

  1. Grab your readers attention by using graphics and colorful backgrounds that match your website branding in your email. Make your message stand apart from standard emails by sending a message that looks like a website.

    HTML Email Screenshot
    Example of e-newsletter (email) created with MailChimp. Click the image to sign up to receive it.
  2. Provide more in-depth information by including links back to a specific page on your website or any other Internet real estate, that you are speaking about in your email. Always give the recipient a source to find more information by linking to an appropriate page preferably on your website. Many people may not be familiar with the topic you are writing about and you don’t want to bore those who are with details they already know so send the uninformed to another source.
  3. Include “call to action” buttons and instruct your email recipient to take an action such as find out more, reply to you, connect with you on LinkedIn, “Like” your Facebook page or purchase something you are selling.
  4. Send your email from a consistent email address that is related to your website address. Example – my website is and my branded emails come from You are able to set the “From” name to anything you like – it could by your personal name, your business name or the name of your product.
  5. All of the email marketing programs that I am familiar with, (and there are a ton of them), allow you to insert social sharing buttons so that people that receive your message can share it on Facebook, LinkedIn or via their own email. You have the functionality to let your email message go viral.
  6. Measure the success of your campaigns right in the tool you use to create your email. Most programs allow you to view how many people opened your email, which links they clicked on, how many people shared or forwarded your message, and more.
  7. Set up different email marketing lists based on people’s specific interest and send campaigns automatically based on which list they are signed up for. More detailed targeting means that more people will open your message and you are sending them something they value.
  8. Remain Can-Spam compliant by following the rules and having the necessary but dreaded “unsubscribe” button in your messages.

You can give these two email marketing programs a free test drive today. Just click the images:

Constant Contact email marketing MailChimp email marketing

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