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Basic Search Engine Optimization Technique For Blogs

We love to optimize websites for search engines!

Sometimes, my associates and I perform our search engine opitimization techniques for people that are still blogging on one of the free blogging services, like or  Back in February, I wrote a post about how this may be counterproductive to your search engine optimization results.  Read Free Blogging Sites Don’t Help Your Search Engine Optimization for how this works.

Remember, each day, more and more websites pop up that are competing with your website and may be pushing you down the SERPs. The best way to counteract this constant influx of competition is to monitor your website rankings and adding content (blog posts) directly to your website url that targets the keyword phrases you want to rank for.

By having the blog reside right on your website using a content management system such as WordPress, you are giving the search engine spiders new content to associate with your url so that they get a better, more complete idea of what your website represents, (yes, I guess spiders think, to some degree!). This is by far the best, most basic search engine optimization technique that I know of.

Blog url best practices

Having a blog residing at a different url from your website is counter-productive because the search engines cannot determine that it is content that is related to your main website.  Adding content to a free blogging site only boosts the traffic to your blog and if you don’t have the proper calls to action in each post to drive that traffic to your website where your About, Testimonials, Portfolio and Contact page reside, you may be missing business leads.  In order for a website to be successful marketing tool, the proper marketing funnel must be laid out clearly in order for people to take action.