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Facebook Star Rating System Sucks

Facebook star rating on mobile
Careful how you scroll

While implementing a social media plan for a client, he had some questions about his Facebook Page since it is a joint effort in managing it. His biggest frustration was with Facebook’s Star Rating and how to manage them. It turns out at this point in time, all you can do is “like” or comment on them!

This particular client has a total of 8 public ratings – remember, we are just implementing our plan. Every one of his star ratings that is by an actual customer is a 5. There is one rating that is only 1 star. This brings the client’s total star average down to 4.5 rather than a solid 5, which it really should be if you only factor the stars by actual customers. This single star rating was given by a guy that doesn’t even live in the service area of the business. How could he have ever had an experience with the company?

After some investigation on how to handle situations like this, I discovered that prior to January 14th, it was possible that people were clicking stars and submitting them without even realizing it as there was no confirmation mechanism in place. If you’re anything like me and have an “itchy clicker finger,” you know what I’m talking about. Now, on your computer, at least a box opens up so you can leave a comment, select your audience and then post. But, this is not the case on a smart phone. I was able to navigate to a number of business pages, touch the star area and my “rating” was recorded, (yes, I deleted them after my test). Considering that these stars show right in the middle of the screen on your smart phone, I can see how inadvertent ratings can happen.

If you’d like to tell Facebook about your frustration – check out this Facebook Page. I have no idea if Facebook is really following this page but you may feel better if you are affected and can vent your frustration. 🙂