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How To Get The New Gmail Layout and Functionality

Google announced last week that they are gradually rolling out a new inbox layout of Gmail. What they’ve done is added tabs to the top of the window. One for Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. As the emails come into your inbox, Gmail now attempts to put them into the proper category so that you can breeze right through your emails and choose which tab to check when.  You can “teach” Gmail which tab a particular email belongs on just by dragging the message from the wrong tab to the correct one.

If you don’t yet have the new layout, click the gear icon in your Gmail and select Configure Inbox and click save. What the video from Google.

I like this new layout so much that I have abandond my to-do list and am using the Primary tab for a list of things to do – after all, this is where my client emails come in and, if I think of something I need to do, I just email it to myself. If you don’t care for the new layout, just click on the gear icon and select Configure Inbox again and deselect all but Primary.

Another New Google Feature Searches Your Gmail

Also, I just came across an article indicating that Google search was going to begin scanning your Gmail when you perform an Internet search. While trying to locate the video above, I did a Google search for “new gmail look” and lo-and-behold, the first thing I saw were all the emails I had that pertained to gmail!  Great!  This is another functionality that will be rolled out slowly but I like it better than the built in search in the Gmail program.  Of course, you need to be logged into Google and you can turn off this feature by clicking the buttons on the right that look like this:

Google personal results buttons

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