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Internet Marketing Plan Increased Visibility in Less Than 2 Weeks

Simple Online Marketing Plan Uses Quality Website As Base

I’m sure you’ve probably been in the same situation that our business was recently in; we were so busy tending to our client’s needs and deadlines that we were ignoring our own business marketing.  Our clients were benefiting from our plans for increasing their Internet marketing reach but we had no leads coming in because we were not focusing on our own business.

At last, during the final quarter of last year, our team began to revamp the eZone Virtual Services website and develop our own Internet marketing plan.  The improved website, implemented with all of our search engine optimization techniques and marketing methods launched on January 2, 2013 and within 13 days, we had our internet visibility equal to that of a competitor who has been actively marketing for 3-4 years or longer!

Our Online Marketing Plan:

Website Flow and Keyword Research

First, we laid out a flow chart of all the pages we wanted on the website. Next, keyword research was performed and the page content was written so it was optimized for the phrases that best fit our business needs.  We covered all of the basic SEO techniques in the new site and on January 2nd, we launched.

Website Verification and Sitemap Submissions

Launch date had a number of things going on – verifying the site with the search engines and submitting the sitemap so that we didn’t have to wait for the search engines to find the website on their own.

Assess and Improve the Website

Next was assessing for improvements and implementing those improvements. Various tools were used to inspect everything from the html coding to the css and whether each page and image was optimized properly.

Implement Online Marketing Plan


We also began our Internet marketing plan at this point. A schedule was created for blogging, including topics and keywords to target (that are relevant to the site) and what date they would be published.

Facebook Business Page

We incorporated the blogging schedule into the Facebook Page posting schedule as well as other interesting, action-generating posts.


Our Twitter schedule, of course includes links to recent blog posts as well as interesting points from past posts with links to them. Time has been put aside to interact personally on Twitter in order to join discussions and build relationships as well as spread other people’s messages that are relevant to our business services.

The above is just a simple, basic overview of our efforts – I have not included every method we are using so as not to bore you.  My point is however, with these basic techniques along with a simple marketing plan, we were able to meet and in some cases exceed the Internet Marketing quality of some of our competitors:

Marketing Grade Chart


Competitive Analysis Chart - Competitor #1Competitive analysis chart - Competitor #2



Remember – we achieved these results in about 2 weeks – we have much more to improve and implement so we can only increase our success!

How does your Internet marketing strategy compare to ours?  Is it as successful as ours?  Feel free to request an assessment of your Internet visibility, free for a limited time. ($197 value) – we’d love to help you.