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Most Beneficial Host For WordPress Websites

I have been a fan of Bluehost website hosting ever since I jumped ship from 1-and-1 about 3 or 4 years ago. Not only are Bluehost’s prices extremely reasonable, ($3.95 per month) for hosting but, you get a free web address with your purchase. Other benefits of Bluehost include providing unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, and hosting of unlimited domains on one account – and they are recommended by . Oh, by the way, there are no hidden fees either!

WordPress logoIn addition to the main purchase points above, Bluehost has a fresh copy of the WordPress self-hosted core files right in the backend of your account. Installation takes only one click. Also, they keep all the guts of a web host up to date and will actually upgrade the programs on your account as they become available and more widely used. I remember an instance recently with a website that was hosted on GoDaddy. Some of the widgets wouldn’t load properly and were displaying an error. No matter what was tried to resolve the problem, it still remained. Finally a phone call to GoDaddy revealed the website backend was still using an outdated version of PHP. Bluehost updates this stuff automatically for you so you are never investigating a problem that is caused by something on the backend of your host.

bluehost message
Message on Bluehost System Alerts

What has caused me to gush about Bluehost today? Have you heard about the recent discovery of a security vulnerability that is contained in some scripting used by at least 17 WordPress plugins? Don’t ask me about the details — they aren’t that important to me but you can learn more here. What is important is that I know I must check and update my website as well as my clients. Bluehost first brought these issues to my attention via an email where they announced the problem and indicated that THEY would be automatically updating the plugins on everyone’s website, (if they were using them). (Now, of course, Bluehost isn’t going to update ALL the plugins – just those with problems, so I must inform the clients and check/update the sites myself.) Can you say Awesome Customer Service?? Not only did they take the time to contact all of their customers but they will be attempting to fix the issues for the customers as well.

Do yourself a favor and save a headache or two – if you are using a self-hosted WordPress website, get it hosted with Bluehost!

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