Your Website Is Not A “Field Of Dreams”

Recently, I sat down with a potential client that is considering redesigning and recreating his website.  Together, we wanted to see what other Landscape Designers are doing with their sites so that we could make a list of specific likes and dislikes in order to begin planning his website. This was quite the eye-opening experience […]

Design Websites To Make Both Google And Visitors Happy

Website Strategy – Visual Appeal On the opposite end of the scale from coding and Google functionality, (the behind the scenes elements of your website), you’ll have actual, visual design and appeal to consider for your website visitors. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone talk you into a fancy Flash home page:  It will not […]

Website Design Impacts On Internet Visibility

WordPress VS Static Website Design Even though eZone Virtual Services is partial to websites created with the open source WordPress content management system that incorporates a blog, a well designed static website can  be just as effective for SEO purposes. A simple static HTML site that contains original material that Google’s editors and algorithms deem […]