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Virtual CMO Package

$1,947 or three payments of $697

Online Marketing Plan, eZone Virtual ServicesOur Virtual CMO Package provides you with more than just the basics of crafting your best message, setting up social media accounts and blasting your message. We work with you for three (3) months in order to create your best marketing strategy and plan and begin implementing. The Virtual CMO Package provides the latest, proven online marketing methods in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step marketing plan along with any necessary help and guidance for set-up and implementation. We will work with you to research where your best customers or clients

The Virtual CMO Package includes:

  • Three (3) 1-hour long planning meetings per month regarding your branding, strategies, tools, accounts, and set-up, content planning, result reviews and next steps.
  • Research specific to your business, branding, customers, clients, and goals so you may bring in more cash.
  • Development of necessary systems to begin or improve your online marketing so that it runs as a well-oiled machine.
  • Help to set up tools and accounts so they are optimized and streamlined.

In the end, you will have in place an easy-to-follow, schedule-driven online marketing plan that actually speaks to the people who are your customers or clients.

Simply contact me now to find out how to get started with your Virtual CMO Package.

Do you have a more specific online marketing need? I’d be happy to create a custom package just for you. Just let me know what your needs are here!

Note: Installment payments are billed for 2 months following the date of your first installment payment. No payments are refundable. Once your payment has been made, work begins on reviewing and researching your business. Due to time invested toward creating or implementing your marketing plan, payments are non-refundable. Planning Meetings not scheduled or attended within the entire 3-month time frame of the package are considered complete and our contract fulfilled. We always appreciate rescheduling of our Planning Meetings rather than skipping them!