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Somebody Bash You On Social Media?

Take the high road responding to complaints on social media

customer careSo, you see a post on your Facebook page that is attacking you, your business or services. What to do now? First, you need to determine whether the post is something random by someone who, for one reason or another, has nothing better to do but bash businesses on Facebook and isn’t a customer or prospect. If the offending comment on your page contains vulgarities or is totally off the subject of your business – feel free to delete it. Be careful about this though – try to determine how many people may have actually seen the comment and would be interested in your response. Remember, by deleting a post, you could be showing people that you have something to hide and will probably make the situation worse. If you are confident the post is spam – delete it and block the person immediately.

If the comment is a legitimate complaint – handle it with your head held high and address the subject head on. Speak directly to the person commenting and not to your audience in general. Acknowledge that you understand the person has an issue or concern and invite them to contact you directly – either by phone or email to resolve the problem. By communicating with the person directly and publicly, the whole world sees an example of your customer service.

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